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We are the Cleaning Division at Ohio Awning

You can increase curb appeal very easily!

Maintaining your awning is very important. Without taking proper care, your awnings lose the vitality that a new awning has. With regular maintenance, your awning can look new and fresh for many years. Not only will the appearance be improved, but the fabric will last longer.

We can refresh your awning’s appearance- even badly neglected awnings.

The cleaning of your awnings can vastly improve your storefront- providing you with a clean well-kept appearance.

Ohio Awning Maintenance Company offers the following services:

  • Hand-cleaning of fabric and vinyl awnings
    • Clean inside and out
    • Clean mesh or eggcrate underliners
    • Remove mildew and algae
  • Application of UV protection, waterproof and sealing agents
    • Extend the life of the awning
    • Protect against UV, mildew, pollution, bird residue
    • Help reduce fading of the awning

Ohio Awning Maintenance Company completely hand cleans your awnings, both fabric and vinyl awnings. All exterior surfaces are presoaked with cleaners allowed to loosen the contaminants on the awning, then all material is hand scrubbed and rinsed. This removes road dirt, pollution, mildew and other destructive elements, which stress the material and cause it to age more quickly. When these and other elements sit on the awnings, they get down into and eat away at the weave of the fabric, compromising the integrity and strength of the awning. The underside is also treated with cleaners and mildew inhibitors, and then rinsed with low-pressure water.

All the exterior surfaces are then coated with a double strength UV protective, waterproofing sealer to help guard the fabric against damage caused by mildew, pollution acids, sun damage, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Ohio Awning Maintenance Company is a member of the National Register of Professional Awning Cleaners.

Please call 216.861.2400 or 1.800.756.4471 to talk with an Ohio Awning Representative today