Store front blending into the background?
Customer getting wet before they enter your business?
Looking for a better way to advertise your name?
Want to expand your seating area?

If any of these sound familiar to you, take a look at
the information below and click on the link that best
fits your needs.

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing Company is in the business of helping business such as yours in solving some of the problems listed above. Your store front is the first impression for your customer, by adding additional signage through canvas awning like sheds and valances can give you that “pop” you may be looking for. We also offer backlight awnings, convex and bull nose awnings which are typically used to advertise your business through customer designed graphics and shadow free signage.

Ohio Awning is an authorized distributor for Swiss-made Stobag Retractable Awnings. See why Stobag retractables are as smooth as Swiss chocolate, and as reliable as a Swiss watch.

If you find that your window display fades and wears quickly, a window awning may help block that sun, while offering your customer a place to stand during the rain. Entrance Canopies offer a unique way of inviting customers and potential customers into your business. These canopies also offer protection to your customer standing outside during the rain and snow storms. With the addition of side curtains, the canopy can be further enclosed to offer even more protection.

For any restaurant, bar, or spa increased seating capacity means a potential increase in revenue. Ohio Awning and Manufacturing offers customer manufactured Patio Awnings. These patio awnings can also be enclosed with current to protect your customers and client from the outside elements. Add extra seating space, or be able to use your patio in the inclement weather with the addition of a patio awning.

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing offers many custom design and manufacturing options. If you have a unique need, such as smoking shelters, tents, and free standing canopies, please click on special projects to see what other options may be available to you. Feel free to browse our showcase area as well for other ideas for your business and building.

Many of our customers have awnings, or wonder what to do with an awning that is starting to look dirty and old. Ohio Awning Maintenance, a division of Ohio Awning and Manufacturing is in the business of helping these customers. An awning needs to be cleaned and maintained to keep it looking fresh and clean. If you are interested in more information on how we do this please click on the OAM link. We can also work with you in the beginning to set up a cleaning program during the purchase of your new awning.

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