Convex Awnings

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing is in the business of designing and manufacturing convex awnings for your business or home.

These awnings offer:

  • Eye catching sign to the front of your business.
  • Coverage for an odd shaped corner or edge while adding color to the building’s facade.
  • Protection for your customers from the falling rain and snow in the front of your building.

Convex awnings can be used as a flexible sign or as additional décor to your building or storefront. The face of a convex awning has a large, flat, vertical surface perfect for your business name, logo or any other information.

Convex awnings can be custom manufactured, by Ohio Awning and Manufacturing Company, in almost any length, width, height, and shape, giving your business the unique look and signage you are looking for. Because this style of awning is so flexible, it can also be designed to cover all or part of a side walk and act as a canopy for your customers, clients and employees.

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