Entrance Canopy

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing is in the business of designing and manufacturing entrance canopies for your business or home.

These awnings offer:

  • Protection from the rain while walking into your business or home.
  • A unique way to decorate your business.
  • An area for your customer and clients to stand and wait protected from the elements.

Entrance canopies can be designed for almost any area, whether fifteen feet long or five hundred. They can be over stairs, keeping them dry and free of falling snow. They can also be used to connect building entrances, to allow your customers, clients, and employees to move freely between buildings without worrying about the rain or snow falling. Add side curtains to these canopies and they will not even need a coat or jacket.

Help keep the side walks dry and free of snow, while protecting you’re the most important parts of your business, your customers and employees while adding a touch of class to your building. Entrance canopies are for a wide range of uses and needs and with Ohio Awning and Manufacturing custom design and manufacturing abilities the options are even greater.

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