Free Standing Retractable Awnings

Our Double Retractable Free Standing Awnings is very
versatile and can be used for:

  • Outdoor Dining Area Protection
  • Outdoor Café Sun Shade
  • Poolside Shade
  • School Yard Shade
  • Market Stall Covers
  • Outdoor festivities
  • Any area where sun and rain protection is desired.

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing has two free standing awning models from which to choose.

The Ombramobil Free Standing Retractable Awning

  • This free-standing double awning which provides a very large area of to protect against the sun and rain.
  • Since there are no middle posts to get in the way, all of the space under the awning can be used for sun and rain protection
  • Both awning sides open and close simultaneously driven by a bevel gear.
  • Awning Widths – 10’4” to 18’2”
  • Awning Projections – 9’10” to 14’9”
  • The height of the awning is 8’5” from the ground to the top of the box.
  • The pitch of the arms is adjustable.
  • Available motorized or with manual hand crank operation
  • Awning fabric and folding arms are sheltered against the weather by the all-round sealed boxes when rolled up.
  • There is a two leg version with cross feet (“T”) or floor sleeves to set in concrete.
  • And a 4 leg version with “V” legs which is especially suitable for uneven ground (such as lawns or gravel)

This free standing awning is mobile and construction and disassembling is quick and easy.

The Boxmobile Free Standing Retractable Awning

  • This double sided retractable awning is an easy way to shade large open spaces of up to 138 square feet.
  • The awning construction consists of a post set on which two retractable awnings are hung.
  • Each Awning can be operated individually by manual crank or by an optional electric motor.
  • Awning Widths – from 8’7” to 20’0”
  • Awning Projections – from 9’10” to 22’11”
  • Awning Height –10’ from the ground to the top of the box.
  • Retractable Awning automation and control systems available as accessories, such as wind or rain sensors, which protect the awning against damages following sudden weather changes.
  • As in the Ombramobil the awning fabric and lateral arms are completely protected against the weather by the all-round sealed boxes when rolled up.
  • Concrete sockets or fixing with floor sleeves provide stability.
  • It is also possible to link several awnings together.

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