Ohio Awning

We are the Cleaning Division at Ohio Awning

We can be your “one stop” exterior cleaning service.

For your pressure cleaning needs, OAM uses top of the line hot water pressure cleaning equipment to ensure your property looks its best. Our system heats the water to 210º for removal of oils, dirt, and gum. For flat work, we use the new Hover Cover® with floating jets to give a 19” wide, full coverage sweep allowing our crews to finish your job quickly, accurately, and with reduced water usage.

  • Window cleaning
  • Gum removal service
  • Exterior building and sidewalk pressure cleaning
  • Dumpster pad/Grease area cleaning

Whether it is your front entrance, your driveway, or your dumpster pad, OAM can do the cleaning for you.

Please call 216.861.2400 or 1.800.756.4471 to talk with an Ohio Awning Representative today