Shed Awnings

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing is in the business of designing and manufacturing shed awnings for your business or home.

These awnings offer:

  • The name of your business or your street number as a focal point.
  • Add color to the front of your business or home.
  • Protect your displays and furniture from UV rays.
  • Give your potential clients a place to stand protected from the rain and snow.

Ranging in all different shapes and sizes, shed style awnings are one of the most common awnings found on the fronts of stores, restaurants, and other businesses.

Strip mall centers are full of businesses and are great for attracting large groups of people, but isn’t it nice to be a little different than the business next door? A shed awning in the front of your store will allow you to protect your customers from the rain while entering or looking at your window displays. Sheds also help protect those window displays from pesky UV rays, plus they give you an additional place to advertise your business. Shed style awnings are a great place to put the name of your business, the address, or any other piece of information you would like the world to know.

Shed awnings also offer protection from the snow. Like entrance canopies, the snow and rain are diverted away from the ground below, giving your clients, employees, and passerby’s a safe dry place to walk.

A shed awning is essentially a rigid window awning meant for year round use. In either a commercial or a residential setting, set above a window or door, these awnings will make an attractive addition to the front of your home or building.

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