Looking to keep your porch dry?
Sun coming in through the windows fading the furniture?
Can’t use half your house because the rooms are unbearably warm?
Skyrocketing energy costs?

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing Company has been helping their customers make their homes more livable for nearly 150 years. We accomplish this by providing our customers with flexible solutions to their awning needs. Start saying “The house with the green awnings” instead of “The fourth driveway on the left, after the fire hydrant.”

Your home’s entrance is the one place your guests as well as yourself can be exposed to the elements. Standing in the rain, or snow looking for keys, or waiting for you to answer the door is not an experience that is enjoyed. A door awning can not only protect the area from falling rain and snow, but also add character to the area.

The morning sun coming through the window can be a great start to a day. However, the sun blaring through the windows in the afternoon only further heats the room. Window awnings will help block this afternoon sun, combating those rising cooling costs and keeping your rooms cooler. Porch awnings work in the same way to keep you cooler and allow you to enjoy your front porch during the heat of the summer.

Like to sit outside? Sometimes it’s too warm, or the sun to obnoxious to let us use the deck or patio. With the nice weather, we don’t want to be tracking back into the kitchen to eat. With a patio awning you can create an outside room and expand your living space, keeping cool under the canopy.

There are always things homeowners can do to help improve the appearance our your home. Sometimes it might be as little as just cleaning the awning(s) on your home; sometimes it will take a whole lot more than that. Ohio Awning Maintenance Company is in the business of helping awning owners to improve the appearance of their homes.

In Ohio, winter can bring a lot of heavy snow. Some of the different types of awnings are not designed to withstand that sort of weight or abuse that winter can deliver. Ohio Awning offers seasonal maintenance and storage of your patio, window, or porch awnings to help preserve them from winter damage.

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