Window and Porch Awnings

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing is in the business of designing and manufacturing window and porch awnings for your business or home.

These awnings offer:

  • Lower energy costs during the summer months.
  • No longer the third house on the right.
  • Sit on the porch during a sunny day, or during an evening rain storm.

On a crisp, bright winter day, the sun beaming thru the windows is a warm and welcome feeling. On a sweltering, muggy summer afternoon, the sun beaming thru the windows is an entirely different feeling. By putting awnings over your windows you will be amazed at how blocking the sun will drop the temperature in a room. Utilizing passive-solar techniques, window awnings will reduce the strain on your cooling system. Think back to the times before air conditioning when window awnings were a necessity for temperature control.

A porch awning looks nearly the same as a window awning, just larger in size. Meant to serve the same purpose on a front porch, these awnings will keep the occupants cooler and out of the beating sun, allowing for a more pleasurable enjoyment of cocktail hour. Please note: porch awnings will allow you to use your porch for a variety of other activities such as talking, eating, dining, and chess-playing, but we do enjoy a good cocktail.

These awnings are made in what is known as a pull-up style frame, meaning that if the weather is perhaps not quite as sunny and bright as you would like, you can pull the awning back, allowing more light to flow into the windows or onto the porch.

Aside from the advantageous cooling aspect of these awnings, they are quite attractive. If you are looking to add a little color and style to your home, window awnings can really brighten up the front of a house. With the ability to set your house apart from the rest of the block, the window and porch awnings add a unique flavor to decorating.

As with the patio awnings, the pull up framing of this style awning is not meant to bear the weight of the winter weather. Normally taken down in the fall, we can make a rigid type of window awning that is designed to withstand heavier loads and be up all year long. If this sounds of interest, take a peek at the shed style awnings.

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